Community of Practice

Community of Practice

The Disability Employment TA Center invites you to participate in our Tier One-National Community of Practice, which will provide access to educational webinars, virtual communications, specific TA events and activities, and informational resources that will be useful across various stakeholders. The goal of hosting a national Community of Practice is to create collaborative learning opportunities for all AoD grantees and other stakeholders who work with AoD grantees to improve competitive, integrated employment (CIE) outcomes and economic advancement of individuals with disabilities.

To join the National Community of Practice, register here.


Listen to our podcasts from AoD grantees, employers, workers with disabilities and some of the nation’s foremost subject matter experts on various topics related to the employment and economic advancement of people with disabilities.


Enjoy our monthly blogs written by AoD grantees and their partners, subject matter experts, employers, and self-advocates related to emerging themes and innovations in supporting employment and economic advancement of people with disabilities.