Person Driven Technology Accommodations


This Course provides an introduction and practical steps for how to integrate Person-Driven technology-based accommodation tools into agency goals and direct services to people with disabilities across home, school, community and work environments. Tools discussed have a track record of success addressing some of the biggest barriers to Competitive Integrated Employment for people with significant disabilities. All participants will receive a link to copies of implementation tools demonstrated and discussed.



Jennifer L White, CEO, Able Opportunities, Inc. 


Jennifer L White is a seasoned subject matter expert, designing and implementing projects that further Employment First strategies in communities across the US. She specializes in successful business minded tools, innovative, person-driven, high-tech accommodations (see the Work Autonomy App on iTunes), and collaborative design resulting in structures that sustain successful employment outcomes. Her experience includes university research, collaboration to honor and include the culture of first nation peoples, and cross agency projects serving people with intellectual developmental disabilities, mental health challenges, dual diagnoses, addiction history and veterans. She is a corporate consultant supporting affirmative action hiring initiatives, starting with the WIN Program at Harrison Medical Center in 2006 to present work with international fortune 500 corporations. 


Target Audience

All stakeholders working toward Employment 1st values; senior executive leaders, mid-level management, and front-line staff


  • CILs, following WIOA guidance to serve people with significant disabilities, supporting transition from institutional living into community housing
  • DD Councils- working with providers, employers, families and self-advocates
  • Protection & Advocacy- supporting the transition from Sheltered Workshops to Competitive Integrated Employment
  • UCEDDs- leading research, prioritizing representation of people with lived experience, collaborating in peer rich environments
  • TBI- working toward return to work, through discovery, customized/supported employment, self-employment through individualized accommodations 

No prerequisite reading or experience required.


Learning Objectives

  1. Participants will have access to a file of resource tools reinforcing low- and high-tech person-driven accommodation tools and strategies.
  2. Participants will be able to explain the meaning of “Compliance to Alliance”, and name two tools supporting its outcome.
  3. Participants will be familiar with business minded tools, using “math to break the myth” of hiring employees with significant disabilities.
  4. Attendees will be able to identify potential collaborative partners for successful planning and employment outcomes.
  5. Participants will have tools to address successful technology implementation plans from senior executive leaders, mid-level management, to front-line staff.

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