DETAC’s Announces New Results in Systems Excellence (RISE) eLearning Community on Employer Engagement and Partnership


CILs, DD COUNCILs, P&As, UCEDDs, TBI State Partnerships, and PNS-CCE


A partnership model of employer engagement is one in which Employment Consultants and Disability Employment Organizations provide competent service delivery, develop a trusting relationship over time, provide customer service to employers, identifying mutual benefit, and providing ongoing services (Hagner and Cooney, 2003). A strong model of employer engagement respects and empowers the business community over time which ultimately leads to increased employment outcomes for individuals with disabilities.  This e-Learning Community is intended to give you and your organization the strategies and skills necessary to develop a partnership model of employer engagement.


This RISE e-Learning Community will consist of five virtual meetings over a 10-12 week period and will provide the opportunity to assess your current employer partnerships, engage specific employers in strategic engagement activities to increase the level of partnership and evaluate the benefits and impact of one or more of your partnerships with employers. Grantees are encouraged to include other stakeholders with whom you collaborate in the development of employer partnerships.


Session Structure: Virtual classes, 5 sessions total


Dates: September through December 2022

Launch Meeting: September 14, 2022

Session 1: September 28, 2022

Session 2: November 9, 2022

Session 3: December 7, 2022

Final Session: December 21, 2022 (wrap-up & asking final questions to SMEs)


Time: Wednesdays from 1:00-2:30 ET


Facilitators:  Dale Verstegen, Senior Research Associate, Independent Consultant and Troy Allen Director of Employment and Family Support Services, SRVS


Session Links: Zoom Meeting links will be provided once grantees have been accepted into the e-Learning Community (accommodations provided based upon request). The links will be sent from the DETACs Gmail Account,


Interested grantees should complete the following application. Registration is required by 11:59 PM ET on September 2nd, 2022.


Launch Meeting:

This meeting will be focused on orienting participants to roles and responsibilities as participants of the eLearning Community. Additionally, the session facilitators will provide an overview of session goals, including the structure of assignments with employers. Please note, that the sessions build upon each other so participation in each of the sessions is crucial to concept mastery.


Session #1:  Assessment/Employer Development

All community of practice participants are encouraged to complete DETAC’s Employer Engagement and Partnership Course through the Learning Management System in advance of the first CoP meeting.  During the first meeting, we will review the Employer Engagement Assessment Tools that CoP participants have completed.  We will discuss strategies and activities to take employers to the next level of the partnership.


Session #2: Employer Development/Evaluation

During the second meeting, we will review the strategies and activities in which participants engaged in to take employers to the next level of the partnership.  We will also review the Employer Benefits and Impact Survey.  We will discuss survey methods you could use to evaluate the benefits and impact of your employment services and employer partnerships.


Session #3: Evaluating the Impact and Benefits of Employer Partnerships

During the third meeting, we will review completed Employer Benefits and Impact Survey results.  We will also discuss how to use the survey results to maintain and elevate your employer partnerships.  We will also discuss how to sustain a partnership model of employer engagement.


Final Session:

Grantees will get the opportunity to participate in an Office Hours type of session about the work done throughout the 10–12-week cohort to engage employers and develop meaningful partnerships.



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