How Centers for Independent Living (CIL) can Promote Competitive, Integrated Employment: Developing Successful Strategic Partnerships

CILs play an important role in promoting and advocating for competitive, integrated employment for individuals with disabilities. Not only canCILs provide employment specific services to support individuals to achieve competitive, integrated employment (CIE), but they can also provide advocacy to help advance employment systems-change efforts. As the majority of CIL staff members are people with disabilities, they bring lived experience in understanding the employment barriers many individuals experience. Strong partnerships and collaboration with other agencies are key to breaking down employment barriers and improving outcomes for people with disabilities. This brief is designed to give you an overview of strategies to build partnerships with local and state agencies. While the strategies are not comprehensive, our goal is to provide you with a few key takeaways on how you can take the first step to build your employment program by collaborating with others.

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