Three-Part Provider Transformation Series

This three-part provider transformation series was intended for Centers for Independent Living (CIL) and Councils on Developmental Disabilities (Councils) in supporting them in how they can engage with and support the transformation of disability service providers to offer new, integrated person-centered services such as (but not limited to) customized employment/discovery supported employment and financial capability into their programs for individuals with significant disabilities. Guest speakers (grantees, providers, and Subject Matter Experts) from the field shared their experiences with transformation by outlining high-impact strategies, evidence-based practices, and real-life examples, including lessons learned. Additionally, there was an opportunity for participants to engage directly with the speakers and attendees during the question-and-answer portion of each session.

Because this workshop series focused on supporting CILs and Councils to improve the partnerships with employment service providers, Vocational Rehabilitation, and other stakeholders needed to advance competitive, integrated employment, CILs and Councils are welcome to invite additional partners to participate in the workshop series as well.  Watch the videos below: