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A Course is made up of Lessons and Modules. The Module is the basic unit of
content delivery. Modules can be grouped together into Lessons and multiple lessons grouped together
can make a Course. Lessons aren’t required. You could have a Course that was all Modules. But a lesson
is an organizational structure that groups together a series of modules into a unit.

A lesson has a title and a text description, but other than that, they are just a container for the actual
content, the module.

What lessons do is give you a two-tiered hierarchical outline structure for your course. So you will end
up with something like the example two-lesson course shown here.

There are two Lessons: “Non-traditional interviewing techniques” and “Preparing for a video resume”.
Grouped under each lesson are three or for modules comprising the content of the lesson.

Or as another example, in the Course you are currently taking, Lesson one is titled “Courses, Lessons,
Topics, Quizzes, Materials”. You completed module (1) on Topics / Modules. You are now watching
module (2) on Lessons. To complete this Lesson, you still have the Modules on Quizzes and Materials.

Modules and lessons are the core of what a course consists of. But we are going to look at two more
objects that you will want to include in your course: quizzes and materials.

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