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Our Purpose

The Center will provide evidence-based training and technical assistance (TA) to the Administration on Disabilities (AoD) grantees aimed at improving competitive, integrated employment (CIE) and economic outcomes for individuals with disabilities across the nation. 

Systems Change

Build the competencies of professionals at all levels within AoD grantee entities through applied learning techniques, e-learning communities, skills-development TA, peer-to-peer mentoring, and resource development.


Build the AoD grantee network capacity to focus on CIE and economic advancement strategies through identification, development, scalability, and sustainability of evidence-based practices.


Leverage the unique talents and contributions of the AoD grantee network through strategic partnership development that leads to substantial improvements in CIE and economic advancement outcomes at an individual and systems level.

National Snapshot

Hover over a state to view snapshot statistics. Click on a state to view that state’s full profile, including all data points, vocational rehabilitation profile, and all related state initiatives.

Community of Practice

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Power of Partnerships

Help AoD Grantees increase awareness or develop partnership strategies