Brainstorm Bank: Putting IL in Employment Skills

A Brainstorm from IL Centers on Different Ways to Work with Consumers on Employment Skills

September 2023


Authored by: Mary Willard, M.S., APRIL



Centers for Independent Living (IL) across the country have the skills and the ability to support people with disabilities in all phases of employment, including preparing for work, attaining work, and maintaining employment. The following brainstorm list came from a peer support group with Centers for Independent Living brainstorming together some potential ways that IL could support individuals through this process. These lists are not exhaustive, but hopefully they are helpful in helping your organization begin the daunting task of deciding where you can start.  When looking at jumping into employment work, sometimes starting small and looking within your organization for the resources and skills you already have is the best place to start. We hope this brainstorming bank helps you get excited about the world of employment and the possibilities for your organization. Happy program developing!


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